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The educated landscape choice

Our ethos behind school landscape design comes from the desire to create a space that children love spending time in, where they can learn in a different way than they do in the classroom.

It’s well known that children learn crucial social and life skills through play. Our school landscaping solutions can help encourage that sense of play, to the benefit of the whole child. Aside from the obvious benefits that play can have on physical health, quality play can improve gross motor and fine motor skills, positively impacting children’s emotional and intellectual wellbeing, as well as their individual growth and social interaction.

Moving away from traditional school playgrounds filled with wall-to-wall asphalt, we can help you create a school landscape design that directly benefits the children whose minds you are developing. Whether that means providing enhanced nature-based play for primary school children, or a space for high school kids to congregate, study and socialise, we work with you to uncover the true potential from your school grounds design.

For school landscaping that’s designed not just to impress visitors – which it will – but to benefit children as they grow and develop, contact us today to discuss your options.

Kindergarten playground construction

Designed to help kids reach their potential, kindergarten promotes learning and development, preparing each child for school – and the many challenges and opportunities they will face in later life. While there are many factors that influence this growth, play is integral within each stage of early development.

Which is why creating the right environment for play is so important.

With that goal in mind, we will work with you to get the very best from your kindergarten playground design. Whether that means introducing natural

elements to your playground, creating a kitchen garden or discovery garden, or adding structures such as play pods and play equipment, we will craft a solution that works within your kindergarten’s ethos to the benefit of each and every child who attends.

For more ideas regarding kindergarten and preschool playground design, contact us today so we can talk ideas. Large or small, no matter what you’re looking for from your project, we are here to assist from those very first discussions, right through to completion.

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University landscaping and construction

When it comes to university landscape design, first impressions count. While potential students may look to the curriculum, facilities and faculty when deciding where to study, the campus landscape design surrounds all of that, creating an atmosphere that is either appealing – or perhaps, not so appealing.

At Landscape Solutions, we understand just how important first impressions can be, both for potential students and potential faculty members. We know that university campuses not only need to look appealing, impressing students, visitors and faculty alike; they also need to create a practical space that promotes the educational and emotional wellbeing of all who spend time there.

Whether your project is big or small, we can offer our extensive expertise in campus landscape design and construction to create a complete solution tailored to your needs. From manicured entrances and walkways designed to wow on first sight, to outdoor structures and carefully planned open spaces that continue to impress those who use them day-to-day, we offer end-to-end solutions that can’t help but excel.

Check out how we helped Wollongong University create a sense of community amongst students and staff.

Maintenance for school & university grounds

While an important part of our business involves crafting solutions as we work on new landscaping projects, we are also dedicated to providing ongoing maintenance, both on projects we have helped to create – and many that we haven’t.

We specialise in providing maintenance services to cover all aspects of landscaping, including the provision of landscape maintenance services for educational providers. So, as an education provider, why would you choose to outsource?

Quite simply, as a school or university, your business is education. That should be your focus, not the everyday needs of grounds maintenance. That is our

focus. As experts in the industry, our business is landscaping. It’s what we do best. We know what needs to be done and when, and we have the skills to make sure it’s done properly.

Whether you’re looking for perfectly trimmed hedges and manicured turf, or sports fields that are always ready for action, we use our expertise to ensure your landscape maintenance needs are met, each and every time.

Converting your grounds maintenance to a private contract can reduce your operational costs by approximately 15-20%. Let us show you what we can do for you either by giving us a call – or checking out our Education Maintenance Services page.

Sporting facilities design and construction services

From a pick-up game of touch footy to the league’s grand final match, your pitch needs to be up to the challenge, all day, every day. With extensive experience in this field, we know just what it takes to not only provide you with the sporting facilities to meet your needs, but the know-how to maintain those facilities so they’re ready for anything.

With almost three decades in the game, we excel at finding the right solution for each project. One of the reasons for this is our flexibility. We’re not stuck on providing just one type of solution. Instead, we aim to match the solution to the project. Whether that means creating a complex multi-field multi-purpose sporting facility, providing you with routine end-of-season surface renovations, or simply upgrading your current irrigation system, we will discuss with you what you need, look at potential options, and then work to make your chosen solution the best it can possibly be.

Chat with us today about our sporting facilities design and construction services, to find out more about how we can help with your upcoming project.

Not sure where to start? Here are some frequently asked questions about our construction and landscaping services.

How big is the team at Landscape Solutions?
The Landscape Solutions team has over 600 team members, a fleet of more than 280 vehicles and partnerships with hundreds of suppliers around Australia and New Zealand.

This enormous reach gives us access to the abilities and expertise of thousands of construction and landscape services professionals across a range of areas and industries. Our scale provides the power to devote workforce to specialised areas – such as our Solutions Contracting building team and our Golf Course Solutions team – for even more attention to detail in landscape design services and project implementation.

Can Landscape Solutions provide equipment and machinery for any project?
Yes, Landscape Solutions can provide equipment and machinery for small garden renovations projects up to big commercial landscape maintenance services jobs.

We have our own massive inventory of equipment and machinery, with thousands of tools for jobs of all shapes and sizes. And if we don’t already have the pieces we need to get the job done, we have quick and easy access to them through our huge network of suppliers across the region. That means you don’t have to worry about supplying the tools of the trade – we’ll take care of all of that.

Does Landscape Solutions operate throughout Australia?
Yes, Landscape Solutions operates throughout Australia and in New Zealand, too.

With four offices around Australia and $18 million of investment in plant and equipment in 2020, we have staff and the tools needed to do the job on time and on budget positioned throughout the country. As displayed by our projects from around the region, our experts and capability are never too far away from collaborating with you on plans to meet your construction and landscaping goals.

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