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Why use a professional for commercial property landscaping?

First impressions last, and quality commercial property maintenance and landscaping can be the key to making the right impact on visitors.

The effort you put into presenting your business can be just as valuable as your products and services. Appearance is one of the most important aspects of a commercial property, and can be the difference between somebody walking through the front door and simply walking by. It helps visitors form an opinion of you, one that can influence how they interact with your business.

You take pride in your strengths and ability to live up to customers needs and expectations. Your business deserves landscaping and maintenance that you can be just as proud of. Our experienced in-house team and trusted commercial landscape contractors have decades of experience making properties look their best – and ensuring they continue doing so for years to come.

Our work includes:

Commercial landscaping planning and design

We work with you to develop a commercial landscape plan that fits your business, including your goals and style.

Commercial property maintenance

This includes regular watering, pruning and other upkeep to make sure your space is healthy and thriving. Dedicated teams know your property inside and out – and what’s best for it.

Commercial lawn care and maintenance

From mowing and trimming to seeding, aeration and other winter prep, we’ll make sure your lawns keep their top-notch look throughout the year no matter the weather.

Irrigation and water management

Set up watering systems for your gardens and playing surfaces or develop proper irrigation, rainwater harvesting and more for commercial properties.

Response Maintenance

Need some extra care when the unexpected happens? We’ll be there to deal with storm damage or any other problems that fall outside of our scheduled visit.

Seasonal floral displays

Keep your property looking fresh with an update every season. We’ll recommend flowers and plant species that are bound to make a splash.

Hear it from our customers

“Landscape Solutions has always been the yardstick for landscaping contractors. They are the subcontractor of choice, able to complete all forms of landscaping with the expertise and resources to deliver. They have on every occasion delivered our projects on time and to a high quality and because of this have become a preferred contractor.”

Andrew Henebery, Construction Manager, Multiplex Australasia

The right landscaping looks great, can attract business and show that you take pride in what you do.

Contact us today to see how we can help your space get the look your brand and service deserves, and check out some of our commercial landscape maintenance projects to see just what we can do.

Not sure where to start? Here are some frequently asked questions about our construction and landscaping services.

How big is the team at Landscape Solutions?
The Landscape Solutions team has over 600 team members, a fleet of more than 280 vehicles and partnerships with hundreds of suppliers around Australia and New Zealand.

This enormous reach gives us access to the abilities and expertise of thousands of construction and landscape services professionals across a range of areas and industries. Our scale provides the power to devote workforce to specialised areas – such as our Solutions Contracting building team and our Golf Course Solutions team – for even more attention to detail in landscape design services and project implementation.

Can Landscape Solutions provide equipment and machinery for any project?
Yes, Landscape Solutions can provide equipment and machinery for small garden renovations projects up to big commercial landscape maintenance services jobs.

We have our own massive inventory of equipment and machinery, with thousands of tools for jobs of all shapes and sizes. And if we don’t already have the pieces we need to get the job done, we have quick and easy access to them through our huge network of suppliers across the region. That means you don’t have to worry about supplying the tools of the trade – we’ll take care of all of that.

Does Landscape Solutions operate throughout Australia?
Yes, Landscape Solutions operates throughout Australia and in New Zealand, too.

With four offices around Australia and $18 million of investment in plant and equipment in 2020, we have staff and the tools needed to do the job on time and on budget positioned throughout the country. As displayed by our projects from around the region, our experts and capability are never too far away from collaborating with you on plans to meet your construction and landscaping goals.

Ready to make your property the best it can be?

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