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Turf for all seasons, sports and space

From laying the groundwork for a beautiful, newly renovated field of play to maintaining existing pitches of the highest standard, your athletic venues can be ready to host matches all year round with the help of our expert sports turf construction and maintenance.

Maybe your old pitch is calling out for artificial grass installation so your team can play its best atop synthetic turf. Or perhaps you need new grass laid around the wicket area of your cricket grounds, or need to clean up the

goalmouth of your football pitch or make your fairways and greens cleaner and ready for stroke play. You might need an ongoing plan to keep your ground watered and thriving from the first bounce to the last siren of the grand final and through the offseason.

Whatever the case, Landscape Solutions can develop and implement a plan that works for your sports turf project.

See how we helped Brothers Rugby Club by finishing a complete turf re-lay in less than three weeks and performing ongoing maintenance to keep their grounds ready for hard-hitting rucks, mauls and scrums year-round.

All shades of green and styles of surface

Landscape Solutions has experience in all facets of sports turf installation and maintenance. You can totally replace your playing surface with a lush new carpet of natural grass or opt for synthetic turf or hybrid grass installation that is more weather-resistant, stands up to wear and tear and can be safer for players. We also handle planning and designing surfaces that not only suit your sports, but also the soil and environment in which they’re played. And each project is led by a dedicated manager who serves as your convenient, single point of contact for any questions or concerns you have along the way.

More than a playing surface

The ultimate sporting experience goes far beyond the boundary lines. So does what we offer you, your organisation, players and fans. Our outdoor building expertise can help you add sheds for inspiring team talks, canteens for fundraising sausage sizzles and giant shade structures to keep fans comfortable in the rain or sun. And our sports facility construction services include irrigation to keep your fields in game-shape, as well as electrical work and other civil landscaping and earthworks like car parks, lighting and more required to create a sport facility that serves your community.

A comprehensive solution

Before commencing your next sports turf project, consider the advantages of engaging one company to take care of everything. We have perfected each stage to provide you with an end-to-end solution, whichever point you’re at.

Sports Turf Construction

Natural sports turf construction can range from a basic community surface installation to an international standard surface reconstruction. Our unique knowledge and experience in this niche market makes us the perfect partner for your next project. You’ll benefit from a tailored works programme, our extensive range of specialist machinery and highly skilled in-house workforce.

Hear it from our customers

“Landscape Solutions has always been the yardstick for landscaping contractors. They are the subcontractor of choice, able to complete all forms of landscaping with the expertise and resources to deliver. They have on every occasion delivered our projects on time and to a high quality and because of this have become a preferred contractor.”

Andrew Henebery, Construction Manager, Multiplex Australasia

Synthetic & Artificial Turf

Synthetic turf may still be a subject of hot debate in the world of sports, but there is no doubt it is continuing to rise in popularity.

Maintaining synthetic turf doesn’t need to be a rigorous process – but it does need the right team on the job. Proper maintenance of a synthetic surface will expand the lifespan and also ensure a more enjoyable experience for players.

Sport Turf Renovations

Sometimes, despite best efforts, a sports field can be so far gone that even the best of greenkeepers would have trouble rectifying the issues. Times like this, a renovation is in order.

Don’t let a renovation scare you. We’ll take care of your:

  • Scarification
  • Aeration
  • Top dressing
  • Soil assessment
  • Weed and pest analysis
  • Fertilising
  • Irrigation improvements

Every site is different

We’re able to deliver the right playing surface for your needs, whether that’s natural, synthetic or hybrid, international competition level or for rigorous everyday use. Each has its own set of unique turf requirements.

  • Football & Rugby Fields
  • Stadiums
  • Golf Courses
  • Baseball Fields
  • Soccer Fields
  • Cricket Wickets
  • Hockey Fields
  • AFL Fields

We’ll help you build, irrigate and maintain your sports turf.

We’re here whether you require a complex multi-field, multi-purpose sporting facility, routine end-of-season surface renovations, upgrading of your current irrigation system or just the right answer to a technical question.

Our sports turf specialists can help.

Not sure where to start? Here are some frequently asked questions about our construction and landscaping services.

How big is the team at Landscape Solutions?
The Landscape Solutions team has over 600 team members, a fleet of more than 280 vehicles and partnerships with hundreds of suppliers around Australia and New Zealand.

This enormous reach gives us access to the abilities and expertise of thousands of construction and landscape services professionals across a range of areas and industries. Our scale provides the power to devote workforce to specialised areas – such as our Solutions Contracting building team and our Golf Course Solutions team – for even more attention to detail in landscape design services and project implementation.

Can Landscape Solutions provide equipment and machinery for any project?
Yes, Landscape Solutions can provide equipment and machinery for small garden renovations projects up to big commercial landscape maintenance services jobs.

We have our own massive inventory of equipment and machinery, with thousands of tools for jobs of all shapes and sizes. And if we don’t already have the pieces we need to get the job done, we have quick and easy access to them through our huge network of suppliers across the region. That means you don’t have to worry about supplying the tools of the trade – we’ll take care of all of that.

Does Landscape Solutions operate throughout Australia?
Yes, Landscape Solutions operates throughout Australia and in New Zealand, too.

With four offices around Australia and $18 million of investment in plant and equipment in 2020, we have staff and the tools needed to do the job on time and on budget positioned throughout the country. As displayed by our projects from around the region, our experts and capability are never too far away from collaborating with you on plans to meet your construction and landscaping goals.