Wooden Swing Gates Ideas

How do you make a wooden swing gate?

Wooden Swing Gate Design Ideas:


There are several types of lumber that make for beautiful and long-lasting wooden swing gates. A general rule of thumb is to make sure your gate blends in smoothly with your local environment, and complements existing properties around you whether the wooden gate is for a home or building. There are numerous finishes and infill materials for your unique, custom swing gate. Wood gates with solid in-fill are secured with steel frames that provide longevity. You get the support strength of metal, and the stunning look of natural wooden panels and posts.

A wooden swing gate is usually sized to the opening it will work for, and then assembled after choosing the type of wood for your gate. It is attached to the frame before mounting the gate hinges. Some of them are single swing gates and others double swing gates that require less distance to swing. Single swing gates require less hardware but are heavier than double gates. Double swing gates are the traditional style that opens from the middle. They are elegant and secure. They also cover larger driveway openings better than a single gate.You can choose (and we recommend) to make it an automatic swing gate with added technology that allows for convenience and automated access control. Push button simple.

Have you noticed the gorgeous red cedar gates in Van Nuys and around the San Fernando Valley? When choosing the best wood for your driveway gate installation, make sure it is rot resistant to prevent it from decaying and to ensure it lasts for years with minimal maintenance required. Using pressure-treated wood, staining and painting the gate can help it last. Your driveway wood gates can look great and protect the people and employees you care about at the same time.


What are the best types of wood for a swing gate?


Pressure-Treated Pine – is perhaps the most common wood used for fencing as it is both affordable and easy to work with. We usually work with southern yellow pine that is treated beforehand to resist the rotting and decay common with wood materials. A frame that is pressure-treated pine with fitted lap joints combined with front panels made of red cedar looks amazing! Although pressure treated pine is less durable than other wood types, with regular maintenance it can last for many years. We can make it look like your vision with our experience and access to the best wood gate materials available today. Pressure-treated pine is softwood lumber, but don’t let the name fool you! They are durable and can be treated in different ways to get the look and longevity you want.

Western Red Cedar – one of the most stable woods, red cedar has all of the character you want in a classic yet modern wood gate. It has oils that naturally resist the effects of Mother Nature, ages incredibly well, and can last for a couple decades with consistent care. The rich texture and knots truly bring out the warm personality of this easy to work with and vibrant colored choice for your gate. Red cedar gates are easy to cut and stain, and are environmentally sustainable. Red cedar has little impact on the environment compared to other options like metal or vinyl. We love crafting red cedar driveway gates, and you can see completed wooden gate projects we’ve crafted in our gate portfolio.

Redwood – redwood gates for driveways add a rustic yet elegant solution for adding protection and privacy to your property. It is in the cedar family, and less common due to availability. However, we have access to a source that provides 100% natural products that are harvested responsibly. We’re big fans of sustainable practices across the board and appreciate that our sources harvest less lumber than grows each year. It does cost a bit more than other options, and we believe it’s a worthwhile investment for your entry gate. It is more durable than other cedar, and has a natural rustic charm you won’t find in more commonly used types of wood. Redwood has a deep, rich red color that looks fantastic. And, it is naturally resistant to bugs and nature.


Wooden Swing Gate Benefits:


Wooden swing gates are an outstanding and welcoming choice for your driveway gate. Swing gates traditionally open in the direction your visitors are moving towards similar to the front door of your home or office. Swinging away from your visitor provides a welcoming, ‘come-on-in’ feeling that presents a good looking and friendly first impression. When they are leaving, the gate will swing away from them. Swing gates are also a great choice for children, as it takes strength to push it open compared with other fence gates or doors and prevents smaller ones from getting off the property and possibly hurting themselves.

Make sure you have any hedges and clearance areas are secure as well. Access control is very important! We can add adjustable swing gate hinges to keep the gate balanced and level almost automatically. As experienced swing gate installers, we usually limit a single gate panel to stand from 10-12 feet. Any opening beyond 12 feet, we use biparting gate panels that split the roadway opening by half. Whichever design for a swing gate you choose, we will create a project you will be proud of, and your neighbors will want for their property once they see it.

We understand building codes and requirements for gate installation projects in Los Angeles County. This knowledge allows for the best looking wooden swing gate, and we carefully consider safety measures to ensure people and vehicles can enter and exit without any issues. Installing a wooden swing gate is an important decision, and our team of skilled gate installers will walk through the entire process with you so you understand exactly how it will look and operate. This includes the appropriate gate motor for your automatic gate, and how to maintain it for years of secure and trouble free access control of your property.

When compared to metal or other materials, wooden gates offer charm and beauty that metal gates can’t capture. If you are looking to give your driveway a rustic, natural look – no other material will give you that rich, classic expression to welcome your visitors the way timber does. Your wooden swing gate will look better with age, and should require less maintenance. Call 818-253-4817 today and discover how we can craft a wooden swing gate that will make your property the talk of the Valley.