Railings and Stairs


Beyond fencing, gates and garage doors – the professionals at OT Gates and Fence Repair also design and install custom metal/cable railings and stairways in Van Nuys and across the Valley for residential and commercial needs. We are passionate wooden fence contractors, and are also a welding/ironworks shop at heart, and railings or stairs are a natural fir for our experienced and skilled craftsmen.

Hiring a railing installation contractor you can trust can feel like a workout sometimes. Even with all the reviews available, you never know what type of service you’re going to get. We always recommend asking friends or family for referrals for general qualifying and getting some built-in trust. When personal referrals aren’t available, then you are likely relying on Google to give you the answers you seek.

This process can find you companies that are truly honest and will deliver on expectations you set when starting. Searching the web can also uncover less than trustworthy options that will waste your time and money. We’ve been there ourselves.

Our company in Van Nuys is known for our beautiful, electric sliding gates and fence services, and we also specialize in custom hand railings, stair rails, and balcony rails for the interior and exterior of your office building or home. Railings and staircases can be designed using both wood and metal, steel cable, glass, and other ornamental (and strong, safe, and efficient) materials.

Some of our clients who own real estate properties understand the value of the often neglected railings after working with us. They previously believed adding some nice fencing and other cosmetic fixes would satisfy their property or home inspections. What they discovered was that railings are an important safety feature that must meet tight regulations. If you’re not up to local specifications, it can get expensive quickly.

Railing requirements differ depending on where you live, and we are well trained in code regulations in Los Angeles County. Not only do the railings and stairs we fabricate and install pass inspections and add safety, they also add value to your property and aesthetic appeal.

For example, providing an entire deck railing system produced using pressure treated wooden posts, railings and balusters can pay you back almost 76% of your initial investment. It is considered one of the most affordable renovations you can add to a residential or commercial property according to Remodeling magazine’s annual cost-vs-value report.


Custom Railing Installation | Stairway Installation


From discussing and designing your ideas to fabrication and custom installation, we keep the process simple with a clear path to getting your project completed. Whether your team is building a new home, remodeling a deck or patio, or making a business staircase and balcony safer; our professionals will show you the best options to fit your budget and creative vision.

Our railings can be constructed of wood, steel, glass – from basic and traditional styles to a more ornamental and modern looking approach. Discover one of our cabled steel railing projects in the photo gallery below to get an idea of the quality of our work. The railings systems we produce are built to last, require minimum maintenance and are visually pleasing.

We are not as large as some of the ‘big-box’ providers which we consider an advantage; it allows us to give you a more personal, white-glove service experience throughout the process without sacrificing quality and safety. And, we’re also likely more affordable.

If you’re considering your options when it comes to stairs or railing installation in Van Nuys or across the Valley – give us a call and we can walk you through the process. We’ve built our business from referrals, and look forward to sharing the pride we have in our craft by delivering the results you started your web search looking for.

Stairway and Railing Installation Services

OT Gates is one of the fastest growing companies for stairs and railings in the Valley. We believe that our experience and skill will satisfy your renovation needs. Our clients trust us to get the job done right on-time, and under budget. In addition to stairs and cable railing services, we are also the trusted gate company in Van Nuys, Lake Balboa, Sherman Oaks, and have the capacity to serve the entire San Fernando Valley.

“I want to share the experience we had with Tony installing our new driveway entry gate today. Stunning job. He had professional knowledge, answered all my questions and concerns and did an outstanding job. I definitely recommend OT-Gates to get the job done correctly.”


Jerry G.

“My husband and I are extremely pleased with the end result of our new property/yard fencing installed by O.T. Gates and Fence. It keeps our puppies in the yard, and strangers out of it. Almost everyone compliments the new look. HIGHLY RECOMMEND O.T. Gates and Fence Repair!!!”

Brent C.

“The people at O.T. Gates and Fence are life savers! The installers were true professionals, and were able to fix one of our garage doors after our son backed into it. Good as new!”


Trish B.