Automatic Gate Repair in Lake Balboa CA

We have been enjoying our morning runs in Beileson Park in Lake Balboa for years. The OT Gates and Fence Repair headquarters is just a couple miles South East of this beautiful refuge in Los Angeles. Some feel the area is still part of Van Nuys, either way Lake Balboa is home. In fact, our first wooden gate repair project was right off of Balboa Boulevard near the park.

 Automatic Gate Repair in Lake Balboa CA

Many lunches have been spent in this oasis in the middle of the busy Valley. Our owner, Tony, loves taking a ride in their swan shaped paddle boats (though he might not admit it). Our kids play there almost every weekend. Remember not to feed the ducks bread! Give them grains or they’ll never clean up all the poop! As a gate company, we spend time here repairing and installing driveway gates, property fencing, modern garage doors, and sometimes railings and stairs for our neighbors.

It’s no surprise our neighbors in Lake Balboa care about modern, safe designs for their residential properties and many of the custom driveway gates and fences we’ve built reside there. OT Gates and Fence Repair specializes in repairing driveway gates – whether they are sliding or swing gates. Residents around the Lake are among our most satisfied (and coolest) clients over the years.

We also specialize with installation and automation of electric gates, stairs and railings, and custom glass garage doors. We have produced a healthy portfolio of sliding and swing gate projects that have been exclusively designed to enhance homes, yards, gardens, and driveways of homeowners and businesses and we take pride in the work we complete and the reviews we continue to receive. 

Whether you’d like to define the entryway to your garden with a wood crafted pedestrian gate, looking to automate your front fence, or have a stuck security gate – OT Gates and Fence Repair offers both traditional and modern designs that we can customize to meet your needs if need be.

We also work with the greatest brands in the industry with all the most preferred product options. Browse our gate project portfolio to find the driveway gate design of your choice or you send us a picture of the gate design you have in mind and we can bring it to life!

Gate Repair Service in Lake Balboa

At OT Gates and Fence Repair, our gate repair service in Lake Balboa is fast, affordable, and efficient. We are one of the few Valley gate repair companies who actually stand by and guarantee our Same Day Service. Time is our most valuable resource, and we will not waste it. We are always  striving to provide driveway gates that are not only visually beautiful, but also built to handle the harsh San Fernando Valley summers, and recent rain storms. And, they will keep your loved ones in and intruders out. 

Whether wooden, metal, or vinyl – our products are sturdy and stunning, meant to last for years. The same holds true if you purchase one of our custom wooden entry gates or perhaps wooden pedestrian doors to match your gate or fence. We take pride in every step of the design process, and this dedication to premium materials and excellent fabrication has earned us a growing tribe of satisfied customers in the neighborhoods just north of us! Check out out our projects in our driveway gate and fence portfolio of projects we’ve completed. Whether off of Vanowen or Wilbur Ave, we can be there the same day you need us so life isn’t interrupted too much.

Automatic Gate Repair in Lake Balboa 2020

As one of the fastest growing electric gate repair companies in the San Fernando Valley, OT Gates and Fence repair will produce the custom fence or gate design you have been looking for. Our complete line of products includes wooden driveway gates, garden gates, craft gates, solar powered driveway gates, custom garage doors, cable railings, and much more.

In addition to our featured designs, we specialize in creating unique pieces to complement your existing outdoor scenery. Our wooden privacy gates and dividers make a subtle difference for those who want privacy in their yard or when swimming in the pool. 

Whether one of our custom driveway gates designed to pair with your  modern garage doors or maybe a rotted fence needs repair or replacement, OT Gates and Fence Repair can handle your immediate needs and show you how to maintain your beautiful, upgraded home. Curb appeal is not just a cliche, and we love adding a touch of class to your property. It’s smart to increase the value of your home, isn’t it? Most of our satisfied clients in Lake Balboa think so.

Options are numerous and we look forward to making your dream landscape a reality! We encourage your creativity here, as it is your property. However, we have been doing this long enough to understand what will not only look great, but provide the security and automation you desire to make life a bit easier. 

We know the neighborhoods we spend most of our days servicing and living in ourselves, and Lake Balboa residents and businesses are usually our favorite projects. To learn more about the design, fabrication, and installation of automatic driveway gates in Lake Balboa, please select from the categories at the top menu or contact us today. Our consultations are complimentary for installations – we’ll recommend solutions that make the most sense for your needs without you having to spend a small fortune. Together we’ll decide on the materials to purchase and we fabricate and install them to satisfy the project goals.

Questions when considering a Driveway Gate Company in Lake Balboa:






Why should I add a Driveway Gate to my home or office in Lake Balboa?

Secure your property from unwanted visitors, prying eyes and protect kids and pets on the inside. Automatic gates increase property value. Convenience, open at the push of a button! 

How long will it take to repair or install our driveway gate?

Some repairs take longer depending on the issues with your driveway gate, availability of parts, scheduling, and other factors. If the repair issue poses an immediate security concern, can the company you select get the job done quickly without sacrificing quality of work? Will the gate conversion take a week, a few weeks? Gate installations do take time, but you shouldn’t have to wait a month to deal with most repair issues. This is another way our Same Day Service option is so popular in Lake Balboa and across the SFV.

How much does an automatic gate cost? Do you offer financing?

Generally speaking, $4-12 k to install an electric/automatic driveway gate. Standard, manually powered gates are in the $2-5 k range. We will work with you to finance and improve your home. We need to view your property area to customize a solution that works best for you. Including zip code 91406.

Do you offer service guarantees?
Yes! A trusted driveway gate repair service will offer service guarantees on the work they complete for you. Be cautious if the company doesn’t offer any type of guarantee on their completed work.
Have you installed or repaired many homes with these automatic driveway gates?

Yes! For almost a decade, we have repaired, maintained and crafted some of the highest quality driveway gates on White Oak Ave. and across the SFV. Read our reviews!

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes. Make sure a company you contract with to work on your home has legal credentials to do the job in Los Angeles County. If they don’t have proper insurance coverage, you’re putting yourself at unnecessary risk. You get what you pay for. You can view our Contractor’s License Detail for our License #1055496

Same Day Gate Service Lake Balboa



We offer 24/7 support for driveway gate repair so your life isn’t unnecessarily interrupted. Our clients are usually very satisfied because we pay attention to detail throughout the entire design process; from engagement and consultation through the installation itself – we provide the support you require to make sure this important decision produces a result you can be proud of and eager to show off. 

We continue to grow from client referrals, and look forward to having you join our community of satisfied residents and business owners. We even offer discounted services to show our appreciation to our clients. To discover how we can bring your vision to life or provide you the best driveway gate repair service – call today and let’s make it happen for you.

If you’re a neighbor of ours in Lake Balboa CA or anywhere in the San Fernando Valley, call us today and discover how we can make your life a bit easier. 818-253-4817









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“I want to share the experience we had with Tony installing our new driveway entry gate today. Stunning job. He had professional knowlege, answered all my questions and concerns and did an outstanding job. I definitely recommend OT Gates and Fence to get the job done correctly.”

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