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Smack dab in the heart of the Valley, North Hills is just up the 405 from our headquarters in Van Nuys. When we’re not stopping so our kids can see “The Poodle” at the corner of Plummer and Havenhurst, OT Gates and Fence Repair spends a good amount of time installing and repairing automatic gates across the 91343.

Whether looking to improve your property’s security or add more privacy, we can fabricate a solution that you’ll be proud to show off to your neighbors and visitors. And, it’s likely the value of your property will increase after we leave. That’s on the replacement/installation side. If your existing driveway gate won’t open, we can have a fully trained and qualified gate technician at your home or business the same day. Yes, the same day!

Our driveway gate repair service in North Hills will diagnose and likely fix your problem on the initial visit. For more technical issues, we’ll order the parts and restore your gate quickly. One of the great things our clients like about our emergency service is that your OT Gates Pro will not only repair the immediate issues, but can advise you on the long term health of your driveway gate so you can be prepared to replace it if need be.

Keep in mind that we can quickly give you an estimate to replace your gate or fence if it is wanted. If you have any questions, feel free to ask your technician when he arrives. Here are some general questions and answers we get in the field everyday that may help you understand how to maintain and get your gate repaired.










How can I fix a noisy gate?

Automatic gates are convenient, and sometimes they can interrupt our day by being very noisy when they are opened or closed. This could be a sign the gate and its parts need lubrication. This is one of the most common fixes to reduce the squeaking noise. If it’s louder or sounds more aggressive; grinding or grating – one of the major components may be worn out and failing. If you understand the mechanics of your gate, you could take it apart and hopefully find the part to replace and reassemble the gate. Keep in mind this could be dangerous and not as easy as it may seem. Noisy gates aren’t usually a major repair project, and the cost is reasonable to have a professional handle it.

Why won't my gate open/close?

Automatic gates needs a steady flow of electricity to operate the way we need them to. Although our weather here in the Valley is usually temperate, sometimes they are power outages. This could be the reason the gate won’t operate. If there isn’t an outage, you likely have a mechanical issue that can’t be fixed without knowing which replacement parts are right for the job. You might have a faulty sensor that is not signaling to open or close, could
have pests and and insects attracted to the low-level electricity charge, or maybe a sensor is being blocked. That’s where our expertise comes in. You could have an automatic gate opener that needs to be repaired or have its
batteries replaced.

Why add an automatic Gate to my North Hills property?

In addition to increasing property value, automatic gates make life easier! You can use the remote or your phone app to open and close your gate. Our gates are custom made, and many we’ve built in the east and west side are made of metal, wood, and even glass. Yes they look fantastic – but more importantly they can keep you and yours protected from unwanted visitors. With regular maintenance, you can avoid having to get your gate repaired.

What can we do about a sagging gate?
After repeated use over time, your automatic gate posts and hinges may start to loosen. If this happens, it’s best to call a gate repair contractor sooner rather than later. If you leave it in this condition you risk severe damage to the frame over time that can get expensive quickly! Not to mention the potential physical dangers that can arise from a sagging gate.
Are you licensed and insured?

Yes. Make sure a company you contract with to work on your home has legal credentials to do the job. If they don’t have proper insurance coverage, you’re putting yourself at unnecessary risk. You get what you pay for. You can view our Contractor’s License Detail for our License #1055496

Do you offer service guarantees?
Yes! A trusted driveway gate repair service will offer service guarantees on the work they complete for you. Be cautious if the company doesn’t offer any type of guarantee on their completed work.
To discover how we can bring your vision to life or provide you the best driveway gate repair service in North Hills – call today and let’s make it happen for you. 

If you’re a neighbor of ours in North Hills or anywhere in the San Fernando Valley, call us today and discover how we can make your life a bit easier. 818-253-4817

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The technician that came to my home did an amazing job. Very professional, reasonable prices. Life is so much better with my repaired gate. Thank you so much Tony, highly recommend.

April R. – North Hills, CA