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Do you need electric gate repair in Tarzana? OT Gates and Fence Repair has serving our neighbors in the extraordinary neighborhood of Tarzana for over 5 years. Much of the architecture lends itself well to the ranch style and residential gates and fences we design and fabricate. As with most of the neighborhoods in the Valley, many of the calls we receive are for electric gate repair in Tarzana. Most people know that Tarzana bares the name of everyone’s favorite jungle hero, but did you know that it used to be called Runnymede III and was originally a part of the famous San Fernando Mission?

Fast forward to the 21st century, and we have a beautiful neighborhood on the west side on the Valley that offers a nice break from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. There are not many areas prettier than heading up the foothills of the Santa Monica mountains. And, we love to ride our horses and hike in Corbin Canyon Park. The opportunity to work our craftsmanship into the landscape here is very rewarding. When we’re not delivering custom fence or gate installation, much of our time is spent repairing ranch gates that are getting a little older these days.

We often get asked multiple, similar questions when someone is calling in to figure out why their gate isn’t working, so we decided to provide a list of the top questions people usually when they are seeking electric gate repair in Tarzana. Hopefully they will help you as well, and you can feel free to call us with any questions you may have.


Common Questions Asked Regarding Electric Gate Repair in Tarzana:


Why does my electric gate not work?

This is likely related to the electrical power the gate should be receiving, but isn’t. If you’ve confirmed that it’s not a power interruption or failure affecting your neighbors’ houses, then there could be several reasons your electric gate isn’t working. Like most automatic gates (or any hardware that needs a steady flow of power to function properly) when the power stops, so does the appliance. In this case, your electric gate isn’t receiving the juice it needs to operate.

You can check if a faulty outlet where the gate operator is plugged into is working correctly by plugging in an additional device to see if it gets power. It could be your electric gate opener; the gate remote itself could have dead batteries. It could also be getting old, or has stripped wiring. If you believe it to be a power outage, make sure to sign up for ‘Outage Alerts’ texts or emails for Encino and Tarzana residents and get live updates by going here: ladwp.com

How much does an electric gate cost?

Prices will vary, but a general rule of thumb after labor is that installing an electric gate in Tarzana will likely cost between $2,500 and $10,000. Adding an automated gate system to that can cost about $1-$3,000. These are just realistic estimates, your ranch style home from the ’60s will be different than some of the more modern homes. Make sure to call us to get a personalized estimate for gate installation, and take advantage of our gate repair discounts.

What power supply do I need for my electric gate opener?

Electric gates usually come with gate opener batteries that need to be charged regularly. The gate contractor should integrate a 230v 10a operator to power the gate. If your home’s power supply is farther away making it difficult to justify a long power cable, you should consider a solar gate opener. Leveraging solar power over time is also more economical, cleaner and sustainable. Some of the older homes in Tarzana we work with have converted to solar and they love their solar powered driveway gates. And, when there is a power outage, they aren’t affected because they harness the sun to power their gate.

How much do electric gates cost to run?

According to the Bureau of Labor, Los Angeles area households paid an average of 19.0 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity in December 2019. Electric gates aren’t a huge expense to operate on a daily basis. The more they are used, the more power they consume. When in standby mode, an electric gate system will use around 100-150 watts per day. With electricity costing around 19p per KWh this translates to about $1.50-$2.00 per day.

How long do gate motor batteries last?

Gate motor batteries usually function for a few years with regular use and common sense care. Electric gate opener repair is a fairly common repair we can handle for you quickly if you live in Tarzana.

How does a gate motor work?

The motor used for an electric sliding gate is fairly standard and similar to other automatic gates. There is a simple circuit that operates the motor when a signal from a keypad, remote, or access control system directs the motor to function. Your remote for the house or vehicle sends a signal from its transmitter to the receiver (integrated above) fixed close to your gate. The receiver is connected to a power control box which sets the motor in motion to open or close.

Why is my electric gate beeping?

There are a couple different reasons why your gate may be beeping. Our emergency gate repair in Tarzana can find a solution fast! Usually it’s an alert that something is not working correctly. This could also be a safty matter that requires a trained professional to resolve. In some cases, a rock or something else could be obstructing the gate or track. It could also be related to water or other elements interfering with different mechanisms. If your gate is beeping or making other strange sounds that don’t sound right, call OT Gates and Fence Repair immediately. We offer same day, emergency electric gate repair in Tarzana and across the Valley. You’ll thank us for it!










The Best Electric Gate Repair in Tarzana

Experience shows that finding the best electric gate repair in Tarzana can be challenging if you don’t know which questions to ask when qualifying companies. It’s important to make sure the gate and fence company you select has the proper licensing, insurance, bonding and a proven track record of success repairing and installing electric sliding gates, auto swing gates, pedestrian gates, ranch gates, and the numerous fencing options you have available when securing your home. Remember that the cheapest option is not necessarily the best option, and it could end up costing a small fortune. Give us a ring today to get your electric gate repair in Tarzana quickly and affordably! Call Today 818-253-4817

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