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Are you looking for the trusted fencing contractor in Sherman Oaks? You have come to the right place. Sherman Oaks is a historic and beautiful neighborhood in the Valley just over the hill from Bel-Air and Beverly Hills. In our opinion, you can’t beat the dining and shopping options on Ventura Boulevard if you know where you’re going. And, it doesn’t require a car to get around like many sister neighborhoods. The Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council provides open resources information for the latest developments dealing with the pandemic, and recent safety measures to pay attention to. Our office is next door in Van Nuys, and some of our team live in Sherman Oaks. We love that it is quiet and green, and if you look around you’ll see how gorgeous properties are.

Many Sherman Oaks homes and offices are upgrading their fencing to provide a more private, secure experience and to protect their families and employees. We are a security fence contractor first and foremost – that specializes in adding a touch of class to your existing property’s design, while adding the security and privacy you require to control access to your home or office. In addition to fencing installation, our fence repair service is highly requested.


We often get asked which type of fences are best for both commercial and residential needs, and have created this fencing facts section to help answer any questions you may have:


Fencing Questions and Answers:

What is the best type of wood for fencing?

There are several types of lumber that make for beautiful and long-lasting wooden fences. A general rule of thumb is to make sure your fence blends in well with your home or office style, and compliments the other properties in your neighborhood. We see a lot of red cedar fencing in Van Nuys and around the Valley. Keep in mind that whichever type of wood you choose, make sure it is rot-resistant to prevent it from deteriorating over time. Using pressure-treated wood, staining and painting the fence will help it last for many years. 

Here are the types of wood we work with most often:

Pressure-Treated Pine – perhaps the most common wood used for fencing as it is both affordable and easy to work with. Although it is less durable than some of the harder woods, with regular maintenance it can last for many years.  

Western Red Cedar – one of the most stable woods, red cedar has all of the character you want in a classic yet modern fence. It has oils that naturally resist the effects of Mother Nature, ages beautifully and can last up to 20 years or more with diligent care. The rich texture and knots truly bring out the warm personality of this easy to work with and vibrant colored choice for your fence. It’s easy to cut and stain, and is sustainable. Red cedar has little impact on the environment compared to other options like vinyl. We love working with it so much that it’s the featured in our wooden fencing gallery you can discover here!

Redwood – redwood fencing is a high end choice for fencing in So Cal. It is in the cedar family, but is very scarce cedar. It is also costs a bit more, and many believe it’s worth it. It has a natural, rustic charm you won’t find in many types of wood. Redwood has a deep, rich red color that looks fantastic. And, it also is naturally resistant to bugs and nature.  

How long do wood fences last?

A wooden privacy fence, whether a purely split rail or picket fence or as part of a fence gate system can add to your home’s beauty and security. They typically last around 15-20 years, and with diligent maintenance and upkeep residential wood fencing can last for many decades.

How do I keep my wooden fence from rotting?

Dry Rot stinks! Rotting occurs when a wooden fence loses its natural oils on the surface.  Wet Rot. Using pressure treated lumber, proper staining, cleaning, and installing correctly in the beginning goes a long way to prevent your wooden fence for rotting out. If you see rotting, replace those materials as soon as you are able.

How do you clean a wood fence without pressure washing it?

After securing and covering everything in the environment around your fence; driveway, bushes, kids, etc., apply an industry approved fence cleaning solution. Most retailers carry them in stock and they are fairly inexpensive. Also add a wood preservative to seal your fence to prevent rotting.

Is wrought iron fencing a good choice?

Wrought iron, like steel, will last a lifetime when maintained correctly although it requires little maintenance. Wrought iron fences can be stylish and ornate while providing the best security for your home or office fencing in Sherman Oaks. Wrought iron security fences are the style many of our clients prefer because they secure and enhance the property they protect.

Is chain link fencing a good fence option?

Chain Link fencing is the most cost effective choice for privacy or security fencing and is sturdy with little maintenance needed. It is the most popular fencing option you’ll see around your community whether at schools, complexes – almost everywhere. This makes chain link fencing a flexible solution, and paired with barbed wire can provide a formidable security solution for business or industry. However, they can easily be seen through, so the privacy factor isn’t the best. They are also fairly easy to scale or climb over, so other metal fences like aluminum, iron, or steel are preferred by residential homeowners. 

Is an aluminum fence cheaper than wood?

Aluminum fencing will generally be a bit cheaper than wooden options, but not by much. Aluminum fence costs vs wood fencing are about equal for the materials. However, wooden fencing is more labor intensive, so the costs for labor will be higher on average.

Do Aluminum fences rust?

Aluminum does not rust like other metals such as iron. Aluminum fencing properly maintained can last a lifetime.

Is aluminum or steel fence better?

Steel fencing is more sturdy than aluminum, but aluminum is more environmentally friendly. They can be recycled and leave less of a footprint. Steel fencing is a better option for commercial and industrial usage due to its superior strength. Many of our commercial fencing projects are constructed of steel, and are still pleasing to look at. 

Is steel fencing the strongest type of fence?

Steel fencing is the strongest type of metal fencing for both residential and commercial applications. It is heavy and virtually unaffected by the environment. Galvanized steel; hot dipped with powder coating are among the most attractive and safe fences we install for clients in Sherman Oaks. They lend themselves well to more ornate designs without compromising safety and privacy. Due to their heavier weight, steel fences are more labor intensive to install. They can last for many decades.

What type of fence lasts longest?

Generally speaking, metal fences with a galvanized finish doesn’t rust or break down. Whether aluminum or steel, when galvanized they can last for generations with little maintenance needed. 

What is the most durable privacy fence?

The most durable fencing materials aside from the more durable wooden options is vinyl. It is very durable, resistant to the elements, and will last for many years if maintained.

Is vinyl fencing better than wood?

Vinyl fencing lasts longer than wood as it is synthetic, needs little maintenance, and isn’t subject to Mother Nature. A talented fence contractor like OT Gates and Fence Repair can craft a vinyl fence solution that looks as good (and sometimes better) than wood fence designs.

At OT Gates and Fence Repair, our fence repair service in Sherman Oaks is fast, affordable, and efficient. We are one of the few companies who actually stand by and guarantee our Same Day Service. Time is our most valuable resource, and we will not waste it. We are always  striving to provide commercial and residential fencing solutions that are visually beautiful, but also built to handle San Fernando Valley heatwaves, and rain storms. And, they will keep your loved ones in and intruders out. Your fence contractor practices safety first, we can discuss the best way way to solve your fencing issues over the phone before we begin.

Same Day Fence Repair Service

We offer 24/7 support for fence repair services so your life isn’t unnecessarily interrupted. Our clients are usually very satisfied because we pay attention to detail throughout the entire design process; from engagement and consultation through the installation itself – we provide the support you require to make sure this important decision produces a result you can be proud of and eager to show off.

We continue to grow from client referrals, and look forward to having you join our community of satisfied residents and business owners. We even offer discounted services to show our appreciation to our clients. To discover how we can bring your vision to life or provide you the best fence company in Sherman Oaks – call today and let’s make it happen for you.

If you’re a neighbor of ours in Sherman Oaks or anywhere in the San Fernando Valley, call us today and discover how we can make your life a bit easier. 818-253-4817


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