Top 6 Physical Therapy Myths Busted

by | Feb 26, 2021

MYTH #1: Physical therapy is painful.
We often hear the “no pain, no gain” comment in our clinic. Truth be told, that’s only accurate to an extent. While some pain is expected with intervention, we often modify manual techniques and exercises to avoid aggravation of symptoms and instead find solutions to work with patient to mitigate pain while progressing treatment.

MYTH #2: You need to see a doctor before you can see a physical therapist.
While in past years you had to see your primary care to be directed towards specialty health fields, like physical therapy, much progress has been made to create a direct access route so you can see your friendly PT as a one stop shop. While several insurance plans will still require you to follow up with your doctor first, many no longer do. Think PT first. Research shows the quicker you began treatment the quicker you’ll recover.

MYTH #3: Surgery is the only option.
More literature is coming out to highlight the benefits of physical therapy in aiding recovery and that for certain injuries, it’s the superior choice over surgery. But for the instances when surgery is the ultimate resultant, recovery post-operatively is actually expedited with a solid pre-op rehab program. So PT is a win-win no matter what.

MYTH #4: Physical therapy is only for injuries
Physical therapy is more than just rehabilitation. We can help with work ergonomics assessment, postural re-education, balance training, movement re-education, and many other non-injury biased specialties to ensure you’re optimally functioning and preventing future injury.

MYTH #5: A physical therapist will “fix” your injury.
While PTs can assist with recovery by utilizing tools to help alleviate pain and restore function, their greatest tool is the gift of education. By educating patients on how to “fix” themselves, physical therapists can help you on the track to recovery while limiting the recurrence of the same issue in the future.

MYTH #6: Your PT will tell you stop doing what you love
This one is absolutely FALSE. In fact, stopping your activity is actually counterintuitive to the healing process. Not only is activity essential for physical wellbeing, but also to maintain mental health while dealing with injury. At The PT Zone, we emphasize the importance of continuing exercise. We may give some pointers on how to modify your movements momentarily, in order to support healing time, while remaining active.

Remember, you control the outcome of your body and are the #1 advocate for how you need to heal. PTs are available to assist and help guide your recovery, but treatment should always be tailored to your individual needs.

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